Capteurs magnétiques sans fil

Wireless sensors are applied as non-contact actuators in machinery and plant systems for positioning tasks. For the food processing industry, their high protection class and easy-to-clean enclosures are of great advantage. The various application fields include security tasks in different sectors of industrial building automation. The high vibration resistance of the hall effect is also of advantage compared to conventional magnetic sensors with reed contacts. A long-life lithium ion battery serves as the energy source. Because of their high protection class, the wireless switching devices are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

RF RC 10
  • Boîtier thermoplastique
  • Alimentation: pile Lithium
  • Technologie radio sWave® (SW868/SW915/SW917/SW922) ou EnOcean® (EN868)
  • Boîtier en matière plastique ou en acier inoxydable
  • Filetage M30
  • Alimentation: pile Lithium
  • Technologie radio sWave® (SW868/SW915/SW917/SW922)