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Integration in information flow - Material supply: transparency from start to finish

Sensors have an important role to play in material requirements planning (MRP) for e.g. assembly lines. They detect the current stock status at the various assembly points and can then send a signal triggering needs-based material flow management. This works particularly well when the sensors transmit their signals within a wireless system developed especially for this purpose.

Source: Technische Logistik (05/2022)
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Wireless-based eKanban for the shop floor and logistics

The basis for uninterrupted integration of physical objects in state-of-the-art factories is a system which is perfectly adapted to the application in question. Facilitated by a wireless network, such systems enable data and information to be captured and made available to downstream intelligence. As real-life examples have already shown: investing in a wireless automated materials requisition system can prove cost-effective within just a few months.

Source: digital-factory-journal (2/2022)
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Oubliez les câbles: passez aux inductifs radio certifiés ATEX

Pour assurer le contrôle des automatismes en zone ATEX il existe des solutions radio certifiées en sécurité intrinsèque ATEX II 2G/2D. Avec ces systèmes wireless, vous vous affranchissez des risques d’arrachement ou de durcissement des câbles qui peuvent avoir de lourdes conséquences en zone ATEX: moins de panne et de temps d’immobilisation.

Source: Le Journal du Vrac (04/2022)
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Spark-free wireless transmission - Switchgear for the oil & gas industry

Wireless switching devices are not yet widespread within the oil & gas industry. And yet wireless technology offers this sector some particular advantages – provided that explosion protection is guaranteed.

Source: Chemie Technik (04/2022)
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User interfaces: from manufacturer to service provider

Wireless user interfaces have multiple benefits, making them a popular choice in many medical disciplines. However, they also involve a higher level of effort for device manufacturers with regard to testing and documentation than cabled controls – unless the supplier is MDR-ready and able to provide the user interface with all the relevant documentation.

Source: meditronic-journal (02/2022)
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