• Grande stabilité mécanique
  • Transmission de signal sans fil steute wireless SW2.4LE
  • Power supply with Lithium-ion battery
  • LED indication for status
  • Receptacle-ODU 6 pole with hinged cover
  • Pédale avec signal de sortie proportionnel vertical et horizontal
  • 4 rocker switches with 2 switching functions each
  • Point de résistance programmable for tactile feedback
  • Utilisable de façon intuitive et de haute précision
  • IP X8 (IEC 60529)
  • Entretien facile
  • Impression selon spécification client
  • Différentes teintes RAL
  • Photo montre les accessoires en option

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Données techniques

Normes de référenceIEC 60601-1: 2013- 12; IEC 60601-1-2: 2007; IEC 60721-3-2: 1997; IEC 60529: 2013
Boîtiershock-proof thermoplastic
Interrupteur à basculerobust, operating theatre approved silicon
Interrupteur à bascule8 fonctions de commutation / ≥ 250 000 manoeuvres
Pédalewith proportional output signal, horizontal: -10°... 0 ... 10° +/- 2°, vertical: 0 ... 15° +/- 1°
Durée de vie mécanique> 1 million manoeuvres
EtanchéitéIP X6 to IEC/EN 60529, up to IP X8 as option
Power supply UBLi-Ion 3,6 V 2900 mAh
Charging voltage9 VDC – max. 600 mA
Rayon d'action10 m (with integrated antenna)
HF data rate1 Mbps
Interfaces taux de transfer115,2 kBaud (UART)
Puissance de sortiemax. 3 dBm
Sensibilité d'entrée-93 dBm
Antenneinternal ceramic antenna
Radio technology
Fréquence2,4 … 2,4835 GHz
Bande passante2 MHz
Procédé de modulationGFSK, adaptive frequency hopping of 40 channels
EuropeEN 301489; EN 300328 v2.1.1; EN 60950-1; FCC 15.247
USAFCC, Part 15C, single modular
CanadaRSS-210 Issue 7


Since this is a class-2 equipment, the receiver can only be validated together with the complete system of the customer. Thus the assessment of conformity takes place at the customer. At the request of the customer steute can provide a CE mark with the 4-digit number of the customer's notified body.

Application of a CE certified switch conforming to the Medical Device Directive still requires proof of the conformity of the complete system according to the Medical Device Directive (Directive 93/42/EEC) by the person responsible for launching it on the market! In spite of careful manufacturing and testing, 100% functional safety cannot be guaranteed at any time (e.g. in case of failure, a switching contact does not switch off). These remaining risks must be considered when evaluating the complete system.